Testosterone Cypionate

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Testosterone Cypionate is the equivalent version of Testosterone Enanthate that is most used in Europe. Cypionate is used more in the American market and differs little from the Enanthate. It is a powerful and basic steroid in many cycles.


Active Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
Commercial Names: Cypionax, Cypiotrex, Testex Prolongatum, Testosterone C, Test-Cypionate
Purpose: For Bulking Steroid Cycles


What is Testosterone Cypionate ?

The Testosterone Cypionate is definitely a steroid most used on the American market. This may be due to the fact that the Cypionate is the American form of the Testosterone Enanthate, the latter being synthesized for the first time in Europe. Both steroids are long testosterone esters. Their action in the body lasts for up to 2 weeks. This makes it possible to inject it once in a few days or once a week depending on the cycle to which it belongs. For this reason it is a steroid loved by the beginners.


The difference between these two testosterone esters is very small so that we can get 2 completely different steroids. Respectively, they can be replaced with each other without any worry.


All injectable testosterone esters have always achieved impressive mass and strength gains during steroid cycles. Unfortunately, it is easily converted to estrogen, which eventually leads to a high level of water retention in the body. That is why it is not a steroid recommended in the definition cycles. Let's not forget that fattening or defining depends directly on a proper diet. With a balanced caloric intake, Cypionate brings an impressive muscle mass.


What is Dosage For Testosterone Cypionate ?

Testosterone Cypionate is taken in weekly doses of 400-800mg. Even if it’s ester remain longer in the body, anyway it should be taken at least 1 time per week. This steroid is very effective, that's why it's very important to understand that dose exaggeration is not a good idea.


What are the Testosterone Cypionate Side Effects ?

The Testosterone Cypionate is a hormone identical to that produced by the body. This is why is a steroid well tolerated by any persons in right dosage.


What are the Testosterone Cypionate Estrogenic Side Effects ?

Because it is highly converted to estrogen, Cypionate can cause gynecomastia. This is why it is important to have Tamoxifen, Proviron or Anastrozole at your fingertips when you experience nerve pain. Moreover, those who are sensitive to estrogen are advised to introduce these preparates at the beginning of the cycles.


Another side effect is retention of water and fat. This can be controlled with a proper diet.


Testosterone Cypionate Androgenic Side Effects

The appearance of oily skin, the growth of hair on the body and the face or acne, especially on the back, are normal side effects when talking about the use of a male hormone.


Cardiovascular Side Effects

Testosterone will always lower good cholesterol (HDL) and increase it's bad heart rate (LDL). Therefore, it is very important that during the cycles of Testosterone to not use other oral steroids because this will further aggravate the situation. The mandatory use of 5mg/day of Omega-3 is indicated to diminish these effects.


Side Effects On Testosterone

Using Testosterone Cypionate in a steroid cycle will definitely stop your own testosterone production. This is why it is very important that at the end of a course of steroids to follow the Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). And this must be done as soon as possible to avoid loss of mass gains accumulated during this period. It is very important that your testosterone production to be restored to normal levels as soon as possible.


A good practice used by bodybuilders to prevent these effects is the use of HCG starting with the second week of cycling with Testosterone Cypionate. HCG should be administered in doses of 250 I.U. once every 4 days. This practice prevents the atrophy of the testicles and makes PCT perform better and faster.


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