Warehouse International 1


All products from Warehouse International 1 are sold and shipped to all countires, except: Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Brazil.


Countries where we deliver, but we do not offer any guarantee if the package is confiscated: Israel, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Hong-Kong, Japan.

Deliveries to these countries are made but they have a lower rate than to other countries. We process orders only if you take the risk.


At Warehouse International 1 are located next brands:

- Elite Pharm
- Genesis
- Concentrex
- LA Pharma
- British Dispensary
- British Dragon
- Body Research
- Max Pro
- Bayer (all except Rrimobolan and Nebido)
- Various Brands


Shipping Cost: 30€


Usual Delivery Time to EU countries: 5-10 business Days.


Usual Delivery Time to North Continent (USA, Canada): 10-21 Business Days.


Usual Delivery Time To All Other Countries: 2-4 Weeks.


All track number for orders sent from this warehouse are provided to our customers ONLY on Sunday or Monday, doesn't matter when the order was shipped.


Orders are dispatched only after the payment was received.