Bank Transfers

Bank Transfer Terms.

➢ accept bank transfers only as DONATION. The field of the transfer note must be fill mandatory with "DONATION", only. We sell prohibited products and because of this we can accept transfers only as DONATION.

➢ We send all instructions and bank supplies on email only after the customer confirm back that it is agree with our transfer terms, and namely to make transnfer as DONATION. If the customer is not agree with this condition, we simple cancel his order.

➢ All details are sent on email only in private mode via one time link. Because we care about security data we send details only such way. The link with details is available only once.

➢  To confirm the transfer, all you have to do is notify us by email. Please NEVER to send us back as transfer proof any Screenshoots. If necessary, we will ask you to do this personally. Just email us after the transfer is done.

NOTE !!!

If despite the fact that you received the payment details, you saw them and refused to make the transfer for whatever reason, you will be included in the black list which is a database of customers blocked in a network of over 300 online stores that sell similar products. In other words, if you are blocked by us, or another site, you will never be accepted as a customer in one of these more than 300 stores. In the future, the only valid payment method for such customers is payment with crypto.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, all you have to do is to refuse to receive the payment details if you do not intend to pay and we will simply cancel your order without including you in such a blacklist.