Crypto Payment



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  • send wallet numbers (network payment addresses) on email only by individual email to each customer.
  • No Crypto address is displayed on our website openly. accept crypto payment. We offer 5% discount for everybody pay with BTC only. The discount is applied manually only when paying with BTC. This discount is not valid for other types of crypto payments.

Details for payment with crypto can be found below. For any other crypto transfers please contact us by email.


Crypto payment methods accepted on

Bitcoin (BTC) - is a distributed peer-to-peer network offering a payment system based on a completely digital currency.


Ethereum (ETH) -is a blockchain application platform that enables users to develop decentralized applications, which include smart contracts and blockchains. Ethereum is associated with a cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH)


✪ Tether USDT - TRC20, BEP20.


Sources where and how to buy Crypto.

1. Buy Crypto with Paypal account.


How to buy BTC with Paypal


How to send BTC to an external BTC wallet ?


2. Buy Crypto with credit/debit card on NeoCrypto.

Just follow the steps one by one until you buy the desired currency.


3. Buy Crypto on Paybis.

Please rtegister and past the registration steps. After you can buy Crypto with your credit/debit card.