MG Transfer


NOTE !!! Please mandatory check your email in inbox or spam. Sometimes our emails go to spam.


MG transfer terms:

➢ Please remember that the minimum for MG transfers is 150 (USD/EUR/GBP) / beneficiary. Orders with less amount will not be processed.

➢ A MG transfer can be done only like to a friend. We don't accept MG transfers sent as payment for goods, or worse sent like payment for pharmaceutical products.

➢ All transfer details and instructions you will get from us on email after you read and confirm back that you are agree with this terms.

➢ Please notice that the beneficiary details received from us for the transfer are available only 12 hours from the moment you received them. So the transfer must be sent in 12 hours after details are received.


After the transfer is done, please contact us on email or in contact and indicate next details: 

➢ The MTCN - money transfer confirmation number (10 digits).

➢ Full sender name

➢ The country from which the transfer was made

➢ Exact sent amount

➢ The number of your order for which the transfer was made (ex. Order #2987).