Testosterone Propionate

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The Testosterone Propionate is the ester with the shortest action of testosterone and is commonly used in cutting cycles. It is a steroid that combines well with other steroids.


Active Substance: Testosterone Propionate
Commercial Names: Propitrex, Testosterona P, Propioject, Prosten, Test-Prop, Testobolic
The purpose of use in bodybuilding: Used In Cutting Steroid Cycles



What is Testosterone Propionate ?

The Testosterone Propionate is the oldest form of injectable testosterone and was first launched in 1937. It dominated the world of sport until the 1960s until Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate appeared to have a longer action than Propionate. It is a very popular steroid amongst bodybuilders even today.


The Testosterone Propionate is active for 2-3 days, and maximum peak is reached within 24-36 hours, after that it decreases immediately. Unlike Enanthate and Cypionate, it has much lower water retention. Just 2-3 days after it was administered, you can see better muscles. An increase in strength and appetite is also observed. Propionate is used more in defining periods when a low caloric diet is being followed. For this reason water retention is lower than the other esters.


The Testosterone Propionate does not directly influence the burning of fats, but it increases metabolic rate and has an increased property to protect muscle mass in the catabolism phases. That's why many athletes include propionate during periods of definition. The use of this testosterone ester has seen an increase in IGF-1 and an increase in protein synthesis in the body.


Its negative effects are that it is a short ester, and this means that injections should be made once every 2 days, to maintain testosterone levels in the body. This may be a problem for those who are sensitive to injections. Because of the frequent injection, the injection place of the propionate should be changed periodically to omit or reduce the irritation that this steroid can produce. It's not a good idea for beginners sensitive to injections.


In bulking cycles, propionate can be used together with: Deca-Durabolin, Equipoise or Dianabol.

In cutting cycles are used more often with: Winstrol, Primobolan or Masteron.


The Testosterone Propionate Dosage

The recommended propionate doses are 50-100mg/day for daily injection. If you are willing to do it every 2 days, recommended doses are 100-200mg/day. It is important to change the injection place to reduce irritation.


Testosterone Propionate Estrogenic Side Effects

At any other form of testosterone, the propionate is flavored. This involves the use of drugs such as Tamoxifen or Arimidex. The latter is not necessarily the best option because it lowers good cholesterol in the body. It is possible that gynecomastia or water or fat retention occurs if it is exaggerated with the doses, or if you are more sensitive to this steroid.


A good idea is the usage of Proviron during such a cycle. Proviron will diminish the antiestrogen effect and will also increase muscle hardness. As soon as you feel the first symptoms of gynecomastia (pain or itching in the nipple area) you should take Tamoxifen.


The Testosterone Propionate Androgenic Side Effects

People who are genetically predisposed can experience acne, thickening of the voice, hair loss, or hair growth on the body. Those who are predisposed to baldness must use drugs like Proscar during a propionate cycle.


The Cardiovascular Side Effects of Testosterone Propionate

Like any other steroid, Propionate will lower good cholesterol (HDL) and increase the bad one (LDL). That's why it is very important that during such a cycle you follow a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to use 4-5 grams of Omega-3 daily for the duration of the cycle and cardiovascular exercises are very welcome.


Side Effects On Testosterone

Testosterone's own production will be suppressed until the end of a cycle with testosterone propionate. That is why post-cycle therapy (PCT) is absolutely necessary. It is indicated to use 250-350 I.U. of HCG every 4-5 days throughout the cycle to prevent testicular atrophy.


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