Delivery Information

General Delivery Information.
Delivery Time.
Shipping Cost.
Shipping Insurance.


General Information:

- All orders are shipped within 1-4 days from the moment the money are received. 
- We send orders 2 times per week. On Wednesday and on Friday.
- After order is sent, takes 2-4 days to provide track number.
- All our orders are packaged and sent discreetly.


Delivery Time Around The World With Standard Shipping:

- More than 80% of our orders are delivered in around 14 business days from the moment of sending. In case you are not at home, he will leave a notice and the package will be hold at the post office until further instructions. And please remember that this is a usual terms, not a rule. Sometimes, some orders can be delivered in more then 14 business days. So please do not take this 14 days as a guaranteed term.
- Delivery to the North American continent countries, usual 7-14 days*.
- Delivery to the South American continent countries, up to usual 14-30 days*.
- Delivery to Australia and Asia, usually 21-30 days*.
- Delivery to African countries, usual up to 30 days*.
- Standard delivery to Slovakia and Hungary take a few days more than usual. Also this delivery method to Italy can takes up to 30 days. We recommend for Italy, delivery with courier.
* Sometimes this period may take a little longer.

 Standard Shipping Cost:

- The cost for regular shipping to any country is 15€.


Shipping Insurance - In Which Cases It Is Applied ?

- In case you received a damaged product (broken ampoules or vials).
- In case when your order was lost.
- In cases if your order was stopped by customs service from your country.


What you should provide us to receive insurance for each particular case?

- In case you receive a damaged product please send us some quality pictures as possible with this product/s.
- If your order is lost for certain reasons, please provide us with a proof of this fact. You must to provide us a confirmation from your post office where is indicating your full name and the fact that within a minimum of 2 months (8 weeks) you did't received any parcel from the respective country (the country from which the parcel was sent) namely the package with the tracking number that belongs to you. Such confirmations are provided without any issues by post offices in the whole world. Without an such confirmation we don't send order repeatedly.
- In cases if your order was confiscated by customs, you should to provide us a photo of this document. Usually this type of document issued by customs service include information about customer name and confiscated goods. Most often this documents contain the list of confiscated products. Also this document should have the date and stamp. Without a such document we don't send order repeatedly.
- In case you have shown us the proof, we will send you the order repeatedly for free. The repeated order is sent only to another address. We don't reship orders to the addresses from where goods have already been confiscated before.


Note !!!
- We reccomend you to make medical analysis before you start using any products. In case of intolerance to a specific product, money are not refunded.
- reserve the right not to be responsible for your order if you provided erroneous information (address, name, telephone, etc).
- We are also not responsible for your order if it is not picked-up in time from the post office and has been returned. Due to the fact that these products are in the high-risk category, they are not sent back to our warehouse address, therefore, we don't receive them back. They will be considered lost on your responsibility. We recommend to contact your post office if you have not received a notice from them about that you have an order, in 10-12 days after the order has been shipped. In rare cases these notifications don't reach customers because of certain human errors. But your order is delivered to the post office and is waiting to be picked up. Your order is kept around 7 days and if it is not picked-up, it is sent back.