Methenolone Acetate

Methenolone Acetate - Primobolan

 The Methenolone is the type of steroid that enjoys every single opinion among bodybuilders. It became the very popular steroid in the world of bodybuilding. What is the cause and why the opinions are so divided we will continue to discuss it in the detailed description below.


Active Substance: Methenolone Acetate

Commercial Names: Primobolan, Primobolan Depot, Primoject, Primotrex

Purpose: For Cutting Steroid Cycles


What Is Methenolone ?

The Methenolone (Primobolan) is the steroid with a rich history. It is used from amateurs to professional bodybuilders. Other people are saying that is not so effective. But I would like to mention that most of this is due to the following reasons:


✪ Many bodybuilders are using primobolan for short periods. It should be noted that this steroid is used for periods of at least 12 weeks.

✪ Another reason would be the high cost of this steroid. It is considerably more expensive compared to other steroids.

✪ Many of those who use it, do not know that the injectable variant is long-ester and short-ester oral. This must be known and must be taken into account when you are on a cycle.

✪ Another cause of denigrating this steroid would be that athletes do not use the recommended doses of this steroid, which eventually leads to a lack of result.


Positive feedback often comes from professionals who know how to use this steroid and enjoy the results. In the world of bodybuilding, the Methenolone is loved because it is one of the few steroids that builds muscle mass even with a low calorie diet. Many associate the prime with the master by the effects they have in common.


A particular feature of this steroid is that it has an increased ability to bind to androgen receptors, which eventually leads to increased fat burning. That’s why it is often used by bodybuilders in cutting periods.


Methenolone is a mild steroid that has an androgenic effect of 6% and an anabolic effect of 68%. It does not have flavor and does not cause gynecomastia or strong chest. On the contrary, it can be added to a high-level steroid courses of gynecomastia.


Most often the Methenolone is used in the injectable form because it has more pronounced and long-lasting effects. The oral variant of steroid is definitely one of the very few variants that will not affect the liver because it is not alpha. However, the oral variant is much more expensive than the injectable variant. And in fact oral primabolan is one of the most expensive steroids considering that rhinoplasty courses are long.


A dignified capacity of this steroid is that it raises immunity immensely, which is why it is used to treat AIDS patients.


In conclusion. Primobolan is a steroid that is used predominantly in defining courses rather than muscular mass accumulation. It is a steroid that has an enhanced ability to recover the body from physical effort.



Methenolone Dosage

It is said that the Methenolone was one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's preferences to get it up to 1000mg per week in the injectable variant. However, this dose is exaggerated and the recommended doses are 200-800mg per week. The dose of 400mg per week has been shown to be one of the most successful in administrating this steroid. It is important to know that injecting priming should be at least 10 weeks.

For the injectable variant of the Primobolan, the doses are 100-200mg/day and the cycle should not be less than 8 weeks. In the case of athletes, the recommended doses are 25-50mg/day in oral form.

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Methenolone Side Effects

Because it has been created to help health problems for children and women, this steroid remains one of the world's top steroids in today's world. It should be remembered that the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.



Side Effects On The Liver

In 50 years of bodybuilding, there was only one case when a person suffered from the use of this steroid. That is why the primobolan remains still the safest steroid in this chapter.



Cardiovascular Side Effects

The only negative effects of Primobolan are present on the cardiovascular system. It will unfortunately lower HDL cholesterol and increase the bad LDL. In this chapter the primary is more harmful than enanthat testosterone or trenbolone. That’s why it is vital to use 4-5 grams of Omega-3 per day during cycles with this steroid.



Methenolone Side Effects On Testosterone

The side effects are: when it is exaggerated with the daily dose. Otherwise, the primobolan does not affect its own testosterone production. It is true that there is a decrease in libido. Therefore, use of Viagra or Cialis is indicated during this cycle.

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