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Omstal Pharma


Omstal Pharma is a pharmaceutical company located in Switzerland. The company specializes in a specific and limited range of innovative medical products such as GFA and MVCD2 or Infrajet.

These medicines have no analogues in the world.


One of the strengths of the Omstal Pharma company is represented by scientists with extensive experience in the field of biotechnology who work for the company.


The Omstal Pharma company team is made up of biotechnologists and certified professionals with proven scientific degrees. Applying advanced technologies with computerized product quality control, Omstal Pharma achieves the highest quality and unmatched purity. The quality of Omstal Pharma products has been proven by GMP compliance certificates. is one of the distributors of Omstal Pharma products. From us you can buy Omstal Pharma products with shipping to any country.


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