Methyltestosterone Genesis

Methyltestosterone Genesis

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Metrex Concentrex

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Methyltestosterone is the first form of testosterone ever synthesized. It is a powerful oral steroid, but also very toxic. It does not bring too much muscle mass gain, this is why it is not often used by bodybuilders, instead is taken to increase aggression and strenghth.


Active Substance: 17-Alpha-Methytestosterone

Commercial Names: Metesto, Testormon, Testovis, Metadren, Virilon

Steroid Class: Strength Steroid


Methyltestosterone Description

Methyltestosterone is the first form of synthetic testosterone available. The effects you can expect from methyl testosterone are comparable to those produced by short esters of testosterone (or without esters) such as propionate or suspension.


This steroid is used especially to increase aggression, motivational impetus, which allows lifting heavy weights. Taken an hour before training or competitions, at a dose of 25 mg, it will increase the strength and make the workouts more productive.


If taken before training in defining periods, when there is a caloric deficit, it will make the workouts easier. Using Methyltestosterone as the main muscle growth enhancer is not effective. Its main characteristic is the increase of aggressiveness, which can be channeled positively during competitions or training.


Methyltestosterone is almost entirely flavored with a quick effect, immediately after administration. Androgen effect is felt within one hour after administration. With its administration, it is recommended to take Proscar (a medicine that prevent the androgenic side effects). It is also advisable to add an anti-estrogen, such as Nolvadex or, more powerful Arimidex.


Methyltestosterone Dosage

Methyltestosterone is taken in daily doses of 40-50mg. The cycles should not be longer than 6 weeks, if the gain of muscle mass is needed.


Methyltestosterone side Effects:

✪ It is very toxic to the liver

✪ Causes acne all over the body

✪ Causes gynecomastia

✪ Water and fat retention

✪ Suppresses the production of own testosterone (this is why PCT is necessary at the end of the cycle)