Testosterone C - 200 Pharmaqo [10 ml] or [1 ml x 10 amp]

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Buy Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg Pharmaqo Online

Buy Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg/1ml - 10 ml vial or 1 ml x 10 ampoules by pharmaqo in USA. Domestic USA shipping fast and safe.

Brand: Pharmaqo Labs

Active Substance: Testosterone Cypionate

Product Dose: 200 mg/1ml

Pack: 10 ml vial or 1 ml x 10 ampoules.

Active Half-Life: 7-6 days

Drug Classification: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid

Cycle Dosages: Men 300 - 1500 mg / week

Acne: YES

Hepatotoxicity: NO

Aromatization: YES

HBR: Perhaps

Water Retention: YES

Pharmaqo Testosterone C - 200 Anabolic Performances:

Strengh: 8/10

Weight Gain: 8/10

Fat & Water Loss: 2/10

Anti-Estrogenic Properties: 0/10

Side Effects: 6/10

Keep Gains: 2/10

Testosterone C - 200 Pharmaqo

Testosterone C-200 (Testosterone Cypionate) is a long-acting form of testosterone with a single ester. Because of its 8-carbon ester chain, it is mainly stored in fat tissue following an intramuscular injection and is released gradually over time. The concentration peaks within 24-48 hours post-injection, then slowly declines, stabilizing around day 12 and maintaining this level for over three weeks.

To achieve optimal benefits, most anabolic users do not rely solely on the steady-state dose and typically inject this product weekly. This ensures that even the lowest blood concentration remains above half of the peak level at any point, providing a consistent baseline.

Testosterone C-200 (Testosterone Cypionate) is essential for any mass-building cycle due to its long-lasting effects. It enhances muscle growth by increasing the number of control centers (myonuclei) in muscle fibers, which in turn raises the number of androgen receptors available for testosterone binding. When paired with training, which boosts the sensitivity of these receptors, and the intake of essential amino acids for protein synthesis, the impact on muscle growth and performance is significantly enhanced.

Additionally, testosterone cypionate has anti-catabolic properties because it inhibits catabolic hormones like cortisol from binding to their receptors. This dual role as both an anabolic and anti-catabolic steroid makes testosterone crucial for building and maintaining muscle mass, as well as for speedy recovery after exercise.

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