Article To steroid or not to steroid? Benefits of Steroids for Athletes

Although, there are a lot of advantages to take benefit from these products:

1. Increased body size

2. Strengthen the Muscles

3. Improve healing rate

4. Ten year benefit

1. Increased Body SizeIt is well-known that steroids increase body size and strength. A large amount of researches and studies has proven it. The effects of testosterone were tested on healthy weights trainers. It was shown that the testosterone increased a lot the body weight, quadricep circumference and bicep girth. The study has also proven a significant increase of the abdomen resistance, which was unusual and unexpected for everybody. However, it doesn't mean that the steroids have a fat-reducing effect on the body, it just improves and strengthens the muscles. 


2. Strengthen the MusclesAs written above, we all know that the steroids strengthen and increase the muscles power and circumference. Mainly, this is the reason why athletes start using steroids and take advantage of them. These performance-enhancing drugs have really improved the skills and performances  in bench press strength and cycling activities. Being a strong determinative to start using testosterone, athletes wait for quick results within a week. Although it was proven, that the main results appear only after 3 weeks of regular consumption. The significant effects and results of the steroids are obtained from 6 to 12 weeks of treatment. The results after the weeks of practicing steroids were surprising and the athletes started growing in their career hierarchy. 


3. Improve Healing RateSome other studies and researches have documented positive impact of the steroids on the healing rate. Lots of famous athletes were found to be using the drugs to recover faster from some injuries or bone fractures. There is a big database of people who have experienced burns or injuries, and successfully healed from it, due to the steroid consumption. For example, the oxandrolone has been proven to cure and restore the body weight of patients with severe thermal injuries, it also increased their muscle strength.


4. Ten year benefitBecause of the big amount of rumors and scandals, lots of researches and studies are been done to find out the truth about the steroids used by athletes to improve and grow in their career. Some researches show, that even used for a short while, sporters can benefit of the steroid advantages for their entire careers.It is all about the ”muscle memory” principle. It is believed that the steroid once used, has be remembered by the muscle, so that exercising every day, the muscle will have a faster way of growing, than before the use of steroids.


All these been said, steroids come out to be a good drug for high performances, having lots of advantages and benefits for the body if used properly. Enjoy your body and help it improve and increase easier, faster and healthier!


5 years ago