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Propios 100 mg Driada Medical 10ml

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Propios 100 Driada Medical 10ml, Testosterone Propionate 100 mg

Testosterone Propionate is a pioneer steroid. It was the first steroid synthesized by scientists. Testosterone propionate is a short ester with a duration of action in the human body of about 3 days.

Active Substance: Testosterone Propionate

Dose: 100 mg/1ml

Country: Greece

Lab: Driada Medical

Pack Presentation: 10 ml vial


Testosterone Propionate is the main male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. In men, testosterone plays a major role in the progression of male reproductive tissues, such as the testicle and prostate, as well as in the stimulation of secondary sexual traits, such as increased strength, bone weight, and hair growth.

In fact, testosterone is an essential hormone for men's health and well-being. Properly it is an anabolic and therefore builds muscle and bone mass.



What are the benefits of using testosterone propionate?

Among the strengths of propionate we can list:

- muscle growth

- increase in strength

- strengthening bones

- stimulation of linear growth and bone progress



What is the dose of Testosterone Propionate?

The recommended dose for men is 350-2000 mg / week.

The most common quantity plan for men is to inject 50 to 100 mg every 2nd or 3rd day. The maximum weekly dose may be in the range of 200-400 mg.


Testosterone Propionate is a steroid that is usually added to a combined steroid cycle with other steroids. It is not ecommended to be used solo. Theoretically, it is not a problem to use it solo but the practice shows that Testosterone Propionate works very well with other anabolic steroids such as nandrolone decanoate, oxymetholone or methandienone. The combination of Propionate Testosterone with these steroids is a very successful one that brings very good results.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to Testosterone Propionate is that this steroid is commonly used in cutting cycles.


In which cases should the use of Testosterone Propionate be avoided?

- if you have diabetes

- if you are a woman and more than that you are pregnant

- If you have prostate problems or worse, you have prostate cancer

- if you are under 18 years old


In conclusion we can say that Testosterone Propionate is the steroid that is most identical to the natural testosterone created by the human body. Respectively, the human body tolerates it very well. It is a good builder of quality and fat-free muscle mass if you follow a diet in this regard. Because Testosterone Propionate is very well tolerated by the body, even at an overdose, you do not risk suffering anything. No one has ever had serious problems with Testosterone Propionate overdose.


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