• Stanozolol 50 mg Body Research 1ml

Stanol 50 mg Body Research 1ml

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Stanol 50 (Stanozolol Injection) Body Research 1ml

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Active Substance: Stanozolol 50 mg/1ml
Steroid Class: Cutting Steroid
Brand: Body Research
Country: Thailand
Trade Names: Winstrol, Strombafort, Rexobol, Winibol, Stanolone, Stano, Azolol
The price is set for 1 ampoule of 1ml.



Stanol 50 Body Research Overview

Stanol 50 Body Research, recognized by its trade name Winstrol, stands as a globally renowned steroid, unique for its dual availability in both oral and injectable forms. It finds its niche in cutting steroid cycles, where its compatibility with other steroids is highly valued.


Stanol 50 Body Research originates from dihydrotestosterone, yet boasts significantly lower androgenic activity. Primarily tailored for cutting cycles, it finds minimal use in endeavors focused on muscle mass gain. Athletes gravitate towards Winstrol for its ability to confer a hardened muscular aesthetic, often favored prior to competitions. Moreover, it exhibits a partial capacity to eliminate excess bodily water.


This steroid is known for its gentle nature, enjoying widespread tolerance among both men and women. Its integration into sports seeks to enhance physical performance without fostering excessive muscle growth.


Recent trends have witnessed Stanozolol's inclusion in low-dose steroid regimens, driven by the desire to curtail sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This protein governs testosterone transportation, binding and inactivating it. By optimizing SHBG levels, the goal is to maximize free circulating testosterone, allowing it to fully exert its anabolic and androgenic effects.


Beyond sports, Stanol 50 Body Research finds application in the medical realm. It serves in treating osteoporosis and assisting individuals recuperating from skin burns. Moreover, it addresses growth deficiencies in children and is occasionally employed in breast cancer treatment among women. Stanozolol thus emerges as a staple within medical steroid usage.



Dosage Recommendations for Stanol 50 Body Research

The recommended dosages for Stanol 50 Body Research vary depending on the administration method. For injectable stanozolol, the typical dose ranges from 25 to 50mg per day, while for the oral form, it's between 15 to 25mg per day. The injectable version generally yields more favorable outcomes compared to the oral form, with a superior quality ratio.


To minimize the frequency of injections, some individuals opt for a dosage of 100mg once every two days when using the injectable variant.


For women, a lower dose of 5mg per day is suggested to manage potential side effects and maintain safety.

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