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Vitex rHGH - Somatropin 100 IU - Alpha Pharma 


Active Substance: Somatropin.

Product presentation: 10 IU vial - (3,33 mg) of Somatropin Powder (rHGH) x 10 vials + 10 ampoules x 1ml of solvent. Total 100 IU.

Brand: Alpha Pharma Healthcare.


Somatropin Profile

Somatropin is a protein secreted by the pituitary gland, an organ located in a cavity of the skull, the base of the brain, and is responsible for cell growth (in volume and number) of the body's tissues throughout the individual's life. Even if there is no increase in the condition due to the lack of cartilage for this, the hormone continues to be produced, but in smaller quantities.


The main functions of Somatropin are:

- Saves glucose energy by decreasing the use of glucose in cells;

- It increases the production of proteins inside the cells by having more transport of amino acids from the outside to the inside of the cell;

- It increases the use of fat as energy, while reducing the use of glucose for this purpose. Thus, GH helps decrease body fat stores;

- Stimulates the production of somatomedin, which is responsible for instigating the synthesis of substances that cause the growth of bone tissue.


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