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Testobol by Evolve Biolabs [50 mg/1ml x 10 amp]

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Buy Testobol 50 Evolve Biolabs - Test Base Aqua Online

Buy Testobol 50 Evolve Biolabs - Testosterone Aqua Base 50 mg/1ml - 1ml x 10 ampoules.

Brand: Evolve Biolabs

Active substance: Testosterone Base Aqua

Classification: Injectable Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid.

Use in bodybuilding: Used in cutting and bulking steroid cycles

Product dose: 50 mg/1ml

Pack presentation: 10 amps x 1 ml

Active half-life: 2 Hours

Cycle dosage: 100-700 Mg/Week

Shipping from: India

Shipping to: Worldwide

Testosterone Base: Overview and Uses in Bodybuilding

What is Testosterone Base?

Testobol 50 (Testosterone Base), also known as "Test Base," is a pure, unesterified form of testosterone. Unlike other testosterone variants like Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate, which have ester chains attached to them, Testosterone Base does not have any ester attached. This means it is a very potent and fast-acting form of testosterone that is immediately available for use by the body after administration.

Testobol 50 (Testosterone Base) Properties

  • No Ester: Because it lacks an ester, Testosterone Base has a very short half-life, typically measured in hours rather than days or weeks.
  • Water-Based: Testosterone Base is often found in a water-based suspension, making it different from oil-based testosterone esters.
  • Rapid Action: It provides a rapid increase in testosterone levels shortly after injection.

Testobol 50 (Testosterone Base) Uses in Bodybuilding

1. Rapid Strength and Muscle Gains

Testosterone Base is highly valued in bodybuilding for its ability to deliver rapid increases in muscle mass and strength. Due to its fast-acting nature, bodybuilders often use it for:

  • Pre-Workout Boost: Injecting Testosterone Base before a workout can provide a significant boost in strength and energy, allowing for more intense training sessions.
  • Quick Gains: It helps in achieving quick muscle gains due to its immediate availability in the bloodstream.

2. Cutting Cycles

During cutting phases, bodybuilders use Testosterone Base to preserve muscle mass while reducing body fat. Its anabolic effects help maintain muscle tissue in a calorie-deficient state.

3. Bridging Between Cycles

Testosterone Base can be used to bridge the gap between anabolic steroid cycles. This helps maintain testosterone levels and muscle gains without causing significant suppression of natural testosterone production.

4. Pre-Contest Preparation

For competitive bodybuilders, Testosterone Base is useful in the final weeks before a competition. It helps to enhance muscle hardness and definition due to its lack of water retention, which is common with esterified forms of testosterone.

Testobol 50 (Testosterone Base) Administration and Dosage

Injection Frequency: Due to its short half-life, Testosterone Base needs to be injected frequently, often daily or even multiple times a day, to maintain stable blood levels.

Typical Dosage: Bodybuilders might use dosages ranging from 50 to 100 mg per day, depending on their experience level and goals.

Side Effects and Considerations

While Testosterone Base offers many benefits, it also comes with potential side effects, including:

  • Increased Aggression: Due to the rapid rise in testosterone levels, users might experience increased aggression.
  • Estrogenic Side Effects: Despite its short action, it can still aromatize into estrogen, leading to possible side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention.
  • Androgenic Side Effects: Users may experience oily skin, acne, and increased body hair growth.


Testosterone Base is a powerful and fast-acting form of testosterone that is popular in the bodybuilding community for its ability to deliver rapid muscle and strength gains. Its use requires careful management due to its short half-life and potential side effects. Proper administration and adherence to dosage recommendations are crucial for maximizing benefits while minimizing adverse effects.

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