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Riptropin HGH 200 IU

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Active Substance: Somatotropine
Trade names: Norditropin, Vermotropin, Hygetropin, Genotropin, Somatrope, Jintropin, Omnitrope, Humanotrope, Magnustropin
Drug Class: Human Growth Hormones
Brand: Research Centre Hong Kong
Country: Hong-Kong
Pack Presentation: 200 IU Kit



Human Growth Hormone Benefits:

✪ Increase in power
✪ Qualitative rapid accumulation of muscle mass
✪ Reduce the fat layer efficiency
✪ Improving skin texture and elasticity of this
✪ Reduce wrinkles
✪ Slow down aging
✪ Stimulates Hair Growth
✪ Increased libido and sexual satisfaction
✪ Improves sleep
✪ Increases energy levels
✪ Strengthens the immune system
✪ Stimulates bone growth
✪ Quick recovery after workouts


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