Anavaros 10 Driada Medical x 100 tab

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Anavaros - Oxandrolone 10mg Tablets - Driada Medical


Anavaros by Driada Medical is an anabolic androgenic steroid known worldwide as Oxandrolone or Anavar.


Oxandrolone it is used in medicine in the treatment of protein deficiency, the treatment of injuries, the treatment of muscular dystrophy, the treatment of osteoporosis, the treatment of infectious diseases and the negative nitrogen balance in the body.


Bodybuilders use Oxandrolone to increase strength and body mass but in combination with other steroids.


Oxandrolone is a oral steroid that can be used alone, compared to other steroids that need to be combined in a steroid cycle. However for maximum effects it is good to combine with other steroids.


Oxandrolone is considered a very friendly steroid. It has little or no negative effects if the recommended doses are not exceeded. For this reason, Oxandrolone is a steroid preferred by women and beginners.


Oxandrolone can be bought online from many sources, but the problem with this steroid is that it is one of the most counterfeit steroids in the world. Often in oxandrolone pills you can find cheaper steroids or you can find underdosed oxandrolone. The pills are underdosed compared to the dose indicated on the package.


For this reason, we recommend to purchase Oxandrolone Pills from authorized dealers. is the official distributor of Driada Medical products. This can be checked on their official website. We encourage you to buy Oxandrolone tablets online from our store so as not to be fooled and of course to have quality services and consultation. All Driada Medical products have laboratory tests that guarantee the quality of the products.



Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 15-25 ° C.


Brand and Package:

Driada Medical. Oxandrolone 10mg x 100 tablets.


Drug Class:

Anabolic steroids, androgens.


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