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Human Growth Hormone Norditrex Concentrex 10 IU


Active Substance: Somatotropin 10 iu/vial
Trade names: Norditropin, Vermotropin, Hygetropin, Genotropin, Somatrope, Jintropin, Omnitrope, Humanotrope, Magnustropin
Drug Class: Human Growth Hormones
Brand: Concentrex® Laboratories
Country: Belgium
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 Norditrex (HGH) is probably the most craving substance in the sport world and its promoter in bodybuilding was Dan Duchaine. This substance is one of the very few that build muscle while burning fat. Besides all this, HGH has also been noted by maintaining the health of the joints and bone mass.


Norditrex (HGH) or Somatropin, as it is said, is produced in the body by the pipitoillary gland. This, unfortunately, produces this hormone in larger amounts only during adolescence. Then our body develops the most and develops all tissues. Over the course of their life, however, human growth hormone levels decrease, reaching to a minimum. 


The first Growth Hormone-based preparation was called Grorm, and it had as its source the pipitoillary gland from human corpses. However, this hormone has been produced for a very short period due to adverse health effects. It could lead to the infection of patients with a rare brain disorder that is often fatal. Human growth hormone was first isolated by scientists in 1956 and its structure was identified in 1972. Since then, this hormone has only been found in the synthetic version, remaining far from the big negative effects Grorm has had.


Norditrex Benefits:

✪ Increase in power
✪ Qualitative rapid accumulation of muscle mass
✪ IReduce the fat layer efficiency
✪ mproving skin texture and elasticity of this
✪ Reduce wrinkles
✪ Slow down aging
✪ Stimulates Hair Growth
✪ Increased libido and sexual satisfaction
✪ Improves sleep
✪ Increases energy levels
✪ Strengthens the immune system
✪ Stimulates bone growth
✪ Quick recovery after workouts


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