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Buy Nootropic Biaxol Supplements x 60 caps


Ingredients: Lions Mane, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Tyrosine, Noopept.

Used for: Brain and Memory Support.

Serving size: 5 capsule.

Servings per container: 12.

Ship from: Europe.

Delivery time: 2-5 days to EU counteries. 5-10 days to all other countries.


What is Nootropic by Biaxol ?

Supplementing your fitness routine isn't just about physical goals like muscle building or weight loss. Cognitive benefits are also achievable through the use of supplements. Explore the world of nootropics, specifically designed to enhance memory and brain function. These supplements can provide a boost in focus and reduce fatigue during workouts, workdays, and gaming sessions. They have a broader impact beyond the gym, supporting mental performance and memory recall.


One key ingredient, phosphatidylserine, plays a vital role in supporting brain cell functions, improving cognitive abilities such as focus, alertness, mood, and mental clarity. Another essential component, L-theanine, derived from green tea leaves, helps reduce stress levels and, when combined with caffeine, promotes mood enhancement, stress perception reduction, increased focus, and improved alpha wave levels. Additionally, it can help lower heart rate and blood pressure.


While creatine is well-known for its benefits in muscle mass and strength, it also supports normal brain function. By increasing the availability of PCr in the brain for ATP synthesis and energy formation, creatine has been shown to enhance short-term memory and reasoning skills.


Choline, naturally found in various foods, serves as a direct precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter crucial for memory support. Bacopa Monnieri enhances acetylcholine release, which positively impacts memory, reasoning skills, attention, and stress reduction. Rhodiola Rosea supports serotonin levels, contributing to improved mood and reasoning abilities. Huperzine A promotes acetylcholine levels, aiding memory and cognitive functions. Finally, Asian Ginseng, the most extensively researched nootropic, has proven benefits in memory, focus, attention, mood, and overall cognitive performance.

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