MVCD2-RNAst Omstal Pharma 2000mcg

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MVCD2-RNAst (EPO) 2000mcg Omstal Pharma


Active Substance: Plasmid-Encoding Erethropoietin Gene

Trade Names: MVCD2-RNAst, EPO

Brand: Omstal Pharma

Dose: 200 mcg/m

Cycle Duration: the recommended cycle duration is about 40 days

Dosage: 1 mcg per each kg of your own weight / 5 days

Active Half-Life: 7 days

Water Retention: None

Aromatization: None

Country: Switzerland

Pack: 2 vials x 1000mcg each


What is MVCD-2

MVCD-2 is a hormone also known as EPO that increases the number of red blood cells and subsequently increases the amount of oxygen carried. This hormone improves the delivery of oxygen to the tissues, especially in pathological conditions. MVCD-2 significantly increases endurance during physical activity. In the same way, MVCD-2 improves the immune system and accelerates the growth of neural processes. It helps to accelerate learning and acquire new skills.


Another benefit of MVCD-2 is that it stimulates the flow of nutrients into nerve cells and normalizes and accelerates the transmission of nerve signals. It normalizes the excitability of the nerves. It relieves the syndrome of nervous overload. MVCD-2 also has an antioxidant effect on brain cells.



How does the local effect of MVCD-2 RNAst manifest itself?

MVCD-2 increases the oxygen consumption efficiency of muscles and nerve cells during intense exercise. This hormone stimulates the synthesis of hemoglobin and proteins responsible for oxygen metabolism and assimilation.


MVCD2 Benefits:

✪ Improves the endurance of the target muscle or muscle group

✪ Provides neuroprotective effect to the target muscle group

✪ It has a pain-relieving effect around traumatized areas

✪ Accelerate recovery after training or trauma

✪ Reduces pain in the post-traumatic period

✪ Inhibits tumor growth

✪ Reduces allergic reactions


Combining MVCD-2 with other supplements.

MVCD-2 can be perfectly combined with anabolic steroids, hgh, IGF-1 or GFA depending on the goals of each athlete.


MVCD2 Side Effects:

Not identified


How to inject MVCD2 properly ?

It is possible to increase the effectiveness of this hormone by using it correctly. Divide the injection into 2-3 on an area of 5 cm x 10 cm.


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