HGH Somatropin Liquid Hilma Biocare 100 IU

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HGH Somatropin Hilma Biocare 100 IU


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Active Substance: Somatropin
Trade names: Genotropin, Norditrex, Humatrope, Norditropin, Jintropin, Somatropin, Somatotropin, Vermotropin
Drug Class: Polypeptidhormone
Brand: Hilma Biocare
Pack: 50IU x 2 vials.


HGH Profile

Androgenic index - NO
Anabolic index - High
Aromatization - NO
Acne - NO
Toxicity for the liver – NO
Water Retention - Rare



Liquid Somatropin Benefits

✪ Increasing mineralization of bones
✪ Improvement to skin appearance
✪ New muscle cell formation
✪ Healthier skin
✪ Increasing calcium retention
✪ Accelerates wound healing
✪ Joint and tendons strengthening
✪ Fat Loss (uses body’s own fat as energy source)
✪ Better Sleep



Somatropin Dosage

Beginners: 4- 5 iu / day
Intermediate: 5- 10 iu / day
Bodybuilders: 8- 32 iu / day
Women: 1- 6 iu daily
Half-Life: 2,5 hours (active-life around 24 hours)
Common cycle length is 3-6 months



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