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Active Substance: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Dosage: 2000 iu

Drug Class: Glycoprotein Hormone

Brand: Driada Medical

Country: Greece


HCG It is an FDA-approved drug with proven effectiveness.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy and then excreted unchanged in the urine, from where it is extracted and purified to obtain medicines.

In bodybuilding, this hormone is used by men to revive or prevent testicular atrophy after a cycle with strong and long-lasting steroids. During any steroid cycle, the testicles become smaller and smaller and sperm production is practically stopped. During this period the men's scrotum will become very tight and pull up, causing pain and end up looking like a 6-year-old child, meanwhile, the sperm quality becomes very poor and these changes can be irreversible.

To get rid of testicular atrophy, it is very important to support testicular activity during cycle and HCG treatment is a major tool in this regard.



HCG Dosage

If the cycle length does not exceed 5-12 weeks, and drugs are used in low/moderate doses for at least the last 3-5 weeks of the cycle, give 2 gonadotropin injections per week, 250-500 IU, to prevent testicular atrophy.


In long cycles of several months, gonadotropin is used as described above continuously for 3-5 weeks.


If HCG was not used during a long steroid cycle, then it should be included in the post-cycle therapy. HCG is recommended as part of post-cycle therapy of 2000 IU every other day for 20 days to restart HPTA. But high doses (2000-5000 IU) are not recommended for more than 20 days.


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