GFA-RNAst Omstal Pharma 2000mcg

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GFA-RNAst Omstal Pharma 2000mcg


Active Substance: Plasmid Encoding the IGF-1 Gene
Trade Names: GFA-RNAst
Brand: Omstal Pharma
Country: Switzerland
Pack: 2 vials x 1000mcg each



What is GFA-RNAst?

GFA-RNAst is a product designed to improve athletic performance and speed recovery from both training sessions and injury healing in general. Because the product does not cause virilization, it can also be used by women without concern.


Detection of GFA-RNAst by doping tests is not possible by any standard laboratory testing method currently available anywhere in the world.


Benefits of GFA-RNAst:

✪ Increases muscle mass and strength

✪ Stimulates local muscle growth

✪ Speeds up recovery after trauma

✪ Strengthens the immune system

✪ Reduces allergic reactions

✪ Supports cardiovascular function

✪ Improves mental well-being

✪ Improves lipolysis (fat burning)

✪ Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol)

✪ Has a positive effect on cartilage (improves the absorption of glucosamine and chondroitin)

✪ Strengthens the immune system

✪ Inhibits the growth of tumors in the human body


This preparation has proven to be very effective especially in local use.

GFA-RNAst does not cause mutations or other negative effects on the genome.


GFA-RNAst in combination with other preparations.

Compatible with anabolic steroids, growth hormone, MVCD2 depending on the goals.


GFA-RNAst Dosage

Body weight up to 80 kg - 200 mcg

Body weight up to 100 kg - 300 mcg

Body weight up to 140 kg - 400 mcg


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