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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is probably the most craving substance in the sport world and its promoter in bodybuilding was Dan Duchaine. This substance is one of the very few that build muscle while burning fat. Besides all this, HGH has also been noted by maintaining the health of the joints and bone mass.


Active Substance: Somatotropin.

Commercial Names: Genotropin, Norditropin, Hygetropin, Somatrope, Jintropin, Omnitrope, Humanotrope, Magnustropin, Vermotropin.

Drug Class: Hormones.

Purpose: Used in bodybuilding for muscle mass gain and fat burn.



HGH Description

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or Somatotropin, as it is said, is produced in the body by the pituitary gland. This, unfortunately, produces this hormone in larger amounts only during adolescence. Then our body develops the most and develops all tissues. Over the course of their life, however, human growth hormone levels decrease, reaching to a minimum.


The first Growth Hormone-based preparation was called Grorm, and it had as its source the pituitary gland from human corpses. However, this hormone has been produced for a very short period due to adverse health effects. It could lead to the infection of patients with a rare brain disorder that is often fatal. Human growth hormone was first isolated by scientists in 1956 and its structure was identified in 1972. Since then, this hormone has only been found in the synthetic version, remaining far from the big negative effects Grorm has had.



How Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Works ?

HGH greatly enhances the rate of conversion of amino acids to proteins. It stimulates the cells of the human body to divide much faster than usual and to grow in size. It also greatly decreases the rate of cells using carbohodrates. This favors the use of fats as energy. In this way, HGH builds up the qualitative muscle mass while burning fat. This hormone increases all body tissues outside the eye and brain.


Human Growth Hormone remains to date the most anabolic substance in the world capable of stunning things. You can accumulate kilos of quality muscular mass while burning the fatty layer. No other substance is capable of doing so. There are currently no tests to detect the presence of this hormone by urine analysis. The only method by which it can be detected is by blood collection.


Growth hormone remains to be one of the most expensive substances in the world of bodybuilding. The technology through which it is synthesized is expensive. This explains the high costs of this substance. That's why you have to be aware that a HGH cycle can not be cheap. Here we also talk about the fact that a cycle with HGH should be at least 6 months in the conditions when the first results begin to appear only after 3-4 months. If you are not financially prepared for this, you better give up. Otherwise you risk being disappointed. You do not have to misunderstand. Growth hormone is very effective. You just have to be aware that you have to spend no money on such a cycle to enjoy the benefits this hormone offers.



Human Growth Hormone Dosage

Recommended doses for Human Growth Hormone are 2-6 i.u. However, the most appropriate is weight management. This dose should be 0.056 i.u/1kg body. In other words, a person weighing around 90 kg will have to administer 5 i.u./day.


HGH administration was done until recently. That's because it was believed that his action in the blood is short-lived. Recent studies have denied this. Following these studies, some athletes started administering HGH once every 2 days. In this case administration is done twice a day. Half the morning dose when you wake up and the night before bedtime.


Your views are shared in this regard. That's why you have to practice yourself to determine which method has a better effect for you.



How To Inject HGH ?

Injections are made subcutaneously with the insulin syringe and have a 70% absorption. Intramuscular is less practiced because it has an abscess of 63%. Subcutaneously greatly reduces fat in the place where it is administered. So visible that the injection site should be rotated regularly to have aesthetic symmetry. This is visible even at low doses. This is again an indication of how effective HGH is when it comes to burning fat.


It should be noted that the human body needs a higher amount of thyroid hormones when the growth hormone is administered. Cytomel or Thyro4 (T3 or T4) can be given. The same can be done with insulins. This is welcome to enhance anabolic effects. It is very important that the administration of these preparations is done under the control of an endocrinologist and not by himself. Also steroids that testosterone or trenbolone are very welcome in HGH cycles and the results from such combinations are amazing.



What Are The Side Effects Of Human Growth Hormone ?

Among the most common side effects of HGH are: internal organs enlargement, thinning or thickening of the bones or legs, hypoglycemia, carpal tunnel syndrome. However, these effects are rare even in athletes who use HGH in moderate doses even for years. If you notice changes in skin texture or change in bone structure, HGH administration should be discontinued forever. Other side effects, rare but yet possible, are: nausea, dizziness, numbness of the skin, respiratory infections or even a decrease in the level of Thyroid Hormone T3. Side effects when it comes to doses are: enlargement of internal organs, increase of hands, legs, jaw, type II diabetes.



What You Should To Know About Human Growth Hormone ?

It is important to know that Human Growth Hormone is one of the most falsified substances due to the high production costs it has. In most cases HGH ampoules are HCG Packaged. This is very easy to find. Administer 1ml of substance, in the evening before bedtime and in the morning use a pregnancy test. If the test goes out, it means you have been lying. That's why you need to buy Human Growth Hormone only from safe sources.


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