Letrozole - Femara

Letrozole - Femara


Letrozole known as Femara is a flavoring inhibitor similar to Anastrozole (Arimidex). It is much stronger than tamoxifen, and is used when it is desired to inhibit estrogen as much as possible.


Active Substance: Letrozole

Commercial Names: Femara

Drug Class / Purpose: Antiestreogen


Letrozole Description

Letrozole is a third-generation anti-estrogen (aromatase inhibitor), which is sold under the name of Femara by the international pharmaceutical company Novartis. It is used to treat breast cancer. Its action is similar to that of Armidex.


Letrozole is used as a secondary solution when tamoxifen treatment don't work.


Letrozole and Anastrozole are the latest generation drugs, far superior to anti-estrogens such as Telsac or Citadren, which are part of the previous generation. Each tablet contains 2.5 milligrams of active chemical, which according to studies can reduce estrogen levels by 78%. But it seems that even lower doses bring the same beneficial effects.


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