Exemestane - Aromasin

Exemestane - Aromasin

What Is Exemestane ?

Exemestane (Aromasim) is the most potent flavoring inhibitor available at the moment. For this reason it is recommended to use it only in cycles with highly flavorable steroids.


Exemestane is a anti-estrogen acting by blocking the enzyme responsible for estrogen synthesis. In medicine Exemestane is used to fight breast cancer, especially in women who have not responded to treatment with tamoxifen.


Exemestane is the most powerful anti estrogen currently known on the market. If Anastrozole and Letrozole have an estrogen inhibition rate of 70% -80%, then Exemestane has an inhibition rate of more than 85%. If you definitely want the best anti estrogen, then Emestane is definitely what you need to take.


If you want to remove any traces of estrogen from your body then a 25mg / day tablet is enough.


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