Anastrozole - Arimidex

Anastrozole - Arimidex

Anastrozole is a flavor inhibitor, not an anti-estrogen, as many believe. The difference is the fact that Arimidex does not allow the formation of estrogen in the body, while anti-estrogens inhibit the action of estrogen, but it does not prevent its occurrence.


Active Substance: Anastrozole

Commercial Names: Arimidex, Anastrozole, Liquidex

Drug Class: Flavor Inhibitor



Anastrozole Description

Anastrozole is a very powerful anti-estrogen that officially belongs to a class of drugs called flavor inhibitors. It was introduced on the market in 1995 under the name of Arimidex. Gradually it becames one of the most popular anti-estrogens, along with Nolvadex (tamoxifen). It is used in medicine to treat breast cancer, being more effective than tamoxifen.


Bodybuilders and athletes that use intensively anabolic and androgenic steroids, use Arimidex to prevent side effects of estrogen. In the past, Proviron was used for similar effects, but is much weaker and may have androgenic side effects.


Anastrozole is very effective in reducing estrogen, and can reduce up to 80%. This reduction is useful for those who use anabolic steroids and especially breast cancer patients.


Anastrozole can also stimulate the secretion of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone, two hormones that signal the release of testosterone from the testicles. That's why some doctors use Arimidex for men with low testosterone, but it's generally not a good solution. In such cases, it is best associated with testosterone injectable in therapeutic doses.


As already mentioned earlier, Anastrozole is used to prevent secondary effects from flavored steroids. It is the most used anti-estrogen during steroid treatments. However, it is recommended that the first option for athletes to be tamoxifen. Arimidex can alter cholesterol negatively, so it's good to be used only if needed. Tamoxifen can prevent the appearance of gynecomastia but does not prevent water retention. If water retention becomes too pronounced, Arimidex is used.


Arimidex is used by some persons during post-cycle therapy. But it's not the best idea. During this period, you want the body to resume normal testosterone production, so there is a need for normal levels of estrogen. As a flavoring inhibitor, Arimidex reduces them too much, so it should be used only during the steroid cycle; Nolvadex should be used in PCT.


Anastrozole Dosage

For steroid users, the doses of Anastrozole varies between 0.25 mg and 1 mg, most often, every 2 days. 0.25 mg every two days would be enough, but for someone who is following a serious steroid cycle, it would be good to have a minimum dose of 0.5 mg. As an example, for someone who uses 500 mg / week of long ester testosterone (enanthate, cypionate, Sustanone, etc.), a recommended dose is 0.5 mg every other day. It is best associated with steroids that contain: testosterone, Nandrolone, Methandienone, Boldenone and all of their derivatives. Oxymetholone is also flavored but indirectly, therefore is better to be used in association with Nolvadex. At such doses, Anastrozole will prevent gynecomastia and water retention without any problems.


Professional bodybuilders use high doses of 1mg/day 10-14 days before contests to strengthen the muscles and pronounce muscular relief.


Anastrozole Side Effects

For people who use Arimidex without anabolic steroids, the most common side effects are fatigue and weakness. In the case of steroid users, using lower doses of Arimidex, these side effects do not occur. Exceptions are muscle cutting periods combined with low callories diets.


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