Article Positive Effects of Steroids

Positive Effects of Steroids


The most important thing about the steroids is - to be administered in the right proportions and supervised by your trainer or a professional, that knows how to use these steroids. In this way, there is zero chance of abuse and harm to your body.

Some of the most important positive effects the steroids have on your health are:

● Steroids increase the recovery time, hugely. The responsible hormone of handling stress, which is produced in our body - the cortisol, is also responsible of the damage caused to the muscle tissues and slows down the recovery time of the body. The steroids, usually regulate this hormone, when the person is stressed and helps the body to recover from injuries much faster.


● Another effect, in fact the most important for the athletes, is the increase of the muscle size. Steroids increase the nitrogen content in the human organism, this being very important in facilitating higher production of protein in the body, which is actually the main factor in the development of the muscles. A thing you shall pay attention to: muscles would start to develop without exercising, due to the steroids you are using, but it is very important to have intense training meanwhile, to have stronger and more lasting results.


● One other plus for athletes and all people that tend to stay fit - steroids reduce the body fat in the human body. Due to the increase of the metabolism rate, steroid users lose considerably a lot of fat, while consuming the drugs. Medical experts have proven, that steroids accelerate the power producers in the cells of ”Mitochondria”, the cells responsible to oxidize the fat.


● Strange or not, steroids are largely used in medicine to treat several dangerous illnesses. For example, the steroid ”Teriparatide” is used to treat the illness of ”Osteoporosis”. It is used because its content tends to strengthen the bones of the ill person and prevents the fractures. ”Arthritis” and some other forms of cancer are also treated with administration of the proper steroids to the patient. As being said before, the steroids reduce the body fat, which helps the obese patients get rid of their extra pounds. And also very largely used to treat injuries from dramatical accidents, due to their property of fast recovery. Steroids are also known to regulate the overactive immune system, which usually causes inflammations.


● Concerning the circulatory system, an interesting fact about the steroids - they have been proved to be a strong accelerator of red blood cell production. The main advantage and importance of the red blood cell concentrations in the body is the treatment of anemia and some other illnesses.


● Going back to athletes and sport oriented people, steroids are known to enhance the athletic performance of their users. You get more energy and increase the stamina levels while using the drugs. Training and motivation to push forwards to new performances will become easier and the intensity of the trainings felt by the users is priceless.


● The main reasons the bodybuilders are attracted to the consumption of steroids, is that they improve the body’s physical strength and endurance level and limits.


● Another interesting and important positive effect - steroids are recommended to men that experience sexual performance problems. The testosterone replacement therapy is used for those bodies who are not capable of producing them anymore at the necessary levels. This testosterone, is administered through steroids, however a medical consult is being required before setting the proper dose to be administered.


● And one of the last but not the least important positive effect of steroid on health, is their use in treating the HIV positive and cancer patients. Steroids help to restore the appetite and restore the decreased muscle mass in the ill patients. Due to these steroids, the patients have the chance to experience a better health and a feeling of well-being, no matter their illnesses. 


All these positive effects, usually determine athletes to abuse of the steroids and have bad experience while using the drugs. However we recommend you to take care of doses administered, which may lead to some side effects and consult a professional, before choosing your daily steroid treatment. 

5 years ago