Modiodal Teva - Modafinil 100mg x 30 tab

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Modiodal - Modafinil 100mg by Teva x 30 tab


Active Substance: Modafinil.

Product dosage: 100 mg/1tab.

Drug class: Wakefulness promoting agents.

Brand: Teva.

Country: Israel.

Pack: 1 box - 100mg x 30 tablets.



What is Modiodal?

Modiodal is the commercal name of Modafinil active substance and it is widely used as a prescription medication to treat narcolepsy and other sleep disorder problems, including:


- fatigue;

- depression;

- change sleep disorder;

- seasonal affective disorders;

- attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) [1].


This drug is a eugeroic compound that effectively fight feelings of sleepiness and helps sleep-deprived people stay awake.


Where to buy Modiodal Online ?

Most stores require a prescription for this preparation. Ar you can buy Modafinil pills online to any country. We send parcels confidentially.


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