Enclomimed 25 Deus Meducal x 50 tab

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Enclomimed 25 (Enclomiphene Citrate) Deus Meducal x 50 tab


Buy Enclomiphene Citrate Tablets Online in USA, UK, Europe


Active Substance: Enclomiphene Citrate

Dose: 25mg/tab 

Drug Class: Antiestrogen 

Brand: Deus Medical 

Pack: 25mg x 50 tablets



ENCLOMIMED 25 (Enclomiphene Citrate) is a non-steroidal estrogen receptor antagonist that promotes gonadotropin-dependent testosterone secretion by the testes. Enclomiphene is the trans-isomer of clomiphene, which is about a 60-40 mix of trans (Enclomiphene) and cis (Zuclomiphene).

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