Basic Cycle with Cypionate + Proviron For Beginners

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Basic Cycle with Cypionate + Proviron For Beginners


This is a basic cycle, recommended for any beginner who wants to try steroids. This cycle is relatively safe cycle and not at all complicated. It should bring you moderate muscle mass gains without high risks.


For beginners, testosterone cycles are the recommended ones. They are simple, are effective, using an anabolic and injectable steroid, and are relatively safe. Testosterone is closest to the structure of your own endogenous hormone. Also, testosterone is a cheap steroid.


In this cycle, cytopioned testosterone, a long-acting ester, is used, but can be substituted with enanthate ester also. You shpuld add Proviron, because it makes the cycle more efficient by reducing SHBG, an enzyme that binds to testosterone and makes it inactive. Proviron also has anti-estrogen effects, and it is known that testosterone tends to be slightly flavored. The dose of Proviron should be enough to prevent side effects of estrogen, but to be sure you should have some tamoxifen available, which you should start taking in doses of 20-40 mg at the first signs gynecomastia (swollen and painful nipples).


Also, take 4 grams of fish oil a day and use a vitamin E supplement to raise your gonads. At the end of the cycle a post-cycle therapy should be followed.


You will get with this cycle:

Proviron Genesis 25mg/tab x 200 tablets

Testosterone Cypionate Genesis 10ml x 2 vials


This is an 8 weeks cycle. Daily and weekly doses are sent individually to each buyer who ordered this cycle.


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