Can You Really Increase Testosterone Through The Diet?

Image Can You Really Increase Testosterone Through The Diet?

Can You Really Increase Testosterone Through The Diet?


When it comes to diet, the question is: is there enough food to support your metabolic needs? Not too little, not too much? If so, testosterone secretion increases.

Metabolism wants Goldilocks effect when it comes to testosterone. That is why the sedentary and fat persons, but also bodybuilders before a competition, don t have sex drive and have bad erections.

So, the first thing about diet and testosterone that you have to know is this: 

Don't reduce calories too much for too long. The same is true for any of the 3 macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats), regardless of the number of calories eaten. These reductions can kill your testosterone. The second thing is to balance your workouts with your recovery.


Slightly overweight individuals can follow ketogenic diets and record positive changes in testosterone levels. The same diet can cause libido problems, muscle growth and erections, to other people. This differs from individual to individual.


Increase Testosterone Levels with Food


If there were any general rules regarding diet, they would be:

✪ Don't reduce fat below 20% of the diet.

✪ Don't reduce carbohydrates below 30% of the diet.

✪ Keep protein in over 20% of the diet.


A proportion of 40-30-30 (carbohydrates-protein-fat) is good if you want muscle mass or participate in sports competitions. A ratio of 30-40-30 is good if you want to lose weight.

Some studies show that if you have deficiencies of magnesium, zinc, or vitamin D, you may increase testosterone if you take ZMA, along with a dose of 2000-5000 U.I./ day (taken with the richest meal of the day) of vitamin D.


To recap:

✪ Stay away from being too defined or too fat.

✪ Beware of too high calorie or macronutrient imbalances.

✪ Train enough, but not too much!


If your testosterone level is optimized, you will feel it. You will be more focused. You will perform better in the gym and you will recover very well after the effort. You will have less fat and you will feel. And your penis will be more responsive and resistant!