Caberos 0.25mg (Cabergoline) Driada Medical x 10 tab

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Cabergoline 0.25mg Driada Medical x 100 tablets


Buy Cabergolone Tablets Online To Treat High Prolactice Levels


Actice Substance: Cabergoline

Dosage: 0.25 mg/1tab

Brand: Driada Medical

Country: Greece

Pack: 0.25mg/1tab x 10 tablets


Cabergoline is a dopamine agonist that causes prolactin levels in the body to be reduced. In medicine, Cabergoline is known to fight prolactinomas (a kind of benign tumor affecting the pituitary gland). Bodybuilders use it to reduce the increased levels of prolactin in the body as a result of the use of nandrolone and trenbolone. The use of cabergoline for this purpose is especially important for people who are sensitive to prolactin.


What is cabergoline and how does it work?


Cabergoline essentially works as an inhibitor by binding to the receptor site and preventing the secretion of prolactin in the body. Also, being a dopamine agonist means it is able to treat Parkinson's disease and hyperprolactinemia, which is a condition characterized by high levels of prolactin in the blood. As previously mentioned, cabergoline prevents the formation of tumors on the pituitary gland.



Cabergoline acts directly to inhibit prolactin secretion in the lactotroph cells of the pituitary gland. In reality, the function of the drug is incredibly simple, and that is why it is so interesting to many people. Cabergoline as a drug was discovered accidental, and while people were simply experimenting with ergot alkaloids, they managed to discover this incredibly effective drug.


Effects of cabergoline

There are many reasons why cabergoline can be used both as a medicine and for performance. A reason for using cabergoline most frequently in personal life for sexual purpose.


In bodybuilding, however, the main reason cabergoline is used is the use of anabolic steroids that increase prolactic. And cabergoline does a wonderful job of reducing prolactin in the blood. Used on time, cabergoline will prevent prolactin levels from rising. Another benefit that cabergoline has is that it prevents problems related to sexual dysfunctions or decreased libido. When we have sex, especially men during ejaculation, their prolactin levels increase, thus reducing the desire to have sex immediately after. When you take Cabergoline, you basically reduce your overall prolactin levels, so you will find that your desire to have sex is increased and even in some cases, almost immediately after sex.


Another positive effect of Cabergoline is the positive effect on quality sleep. Many athletes who use cabergoline claim to have deeper and more restful sleep.


In the end we can say that cabergoline is a fantastic product for those who need it and has very nice benefits.

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