Aromamed 25mg Deus Medical x 25 tab

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Aromamed 25mg Deus Medical


Exemestane Aromasin For Sale

Aromasin is the most powerful flavor inhibitor available to bodybuilders. It is recommended to use it only in cycles with highly flavorable steroids.


Active Substance: Exemestane 25 mg/tab
Active Half-Life: 9 Hours
Classification: Anti Estrogen
Common cycle length is 2-4 weeks (some getting only two to three doses per week)
Beginners: 12.5mg / EOD (every other day)
Hobby: 12.5 mg / ED (every day)
Professional Range: 25 mg / ED (every day)
Women: 12.5mg / ED or EOD
Half-life: 25-27 hours (active life about 130 hours)
Detection time: 2-3 weeks
Acne: Rarely
Water Retention: No
Hepatoxity: Low
Aromatization: No
Commercial Names: Aromaxin, Exemestane
Brand: Deus Medical
Pack: 25mg x 25 tablets.


Aromasin is an anti-estrogen used medically to treat breast cancer, especially in women who have not responded to tamoxifen.


Aromasin is the most effective antiestrogen on the market at the moment. If Femera and Armidex have an estrogen inhibition rate of 70% -80%, in the case of Aromasin the rate is higher than 85%. Most bodybuilders claim that Aromasin is the most effective antiestrogen available. If you want an agent that prevents gynecomastia, and helps to lose weight and avoid water retention, any of the three products is good. If you really need the best antiestrogen then Aromasin is what you are looking for.


There are also some negative moments when it comes to the latest generation of antiestrogens. They act on cholesterol, and reduce good cholesterol (HDL). In the case of older anti-estrogens, they have a positive influence on it. If you are not sensitive to estrogen, it is recommended to use one of these older products, tamoxifen or clomid, as they provide good protection and no negative effects on cholesterol.


A good dose for a bodybuilder is half of 25mg tablet daily or every other day. If you want to get rid of any traces of estrogen for various reasons then one tablet a day is enough. As with Armidex, the price of this product is high, making it harder to access.

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