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Buy Anavar 10 mg Evolve Biolabs Online

Buy Online Anavar - Oxandrolone 10 mg tablets Evolve Biolabs

Brand: Evolve Biolabs

Active substance: Oxandrolone

Classification: Oral Steroids

Product dose: 10 mg/1tab

Pack presentation: 50 Pills X 10 Mg

Active half-life: 9 Hours

Cycle dosage: 30-50 Mg/Day

Shipping from: India

Shipping to: Worldwide

What is Anavar? | What is Oxandrolone?

Anavar, also known by its generic name Oxandrolone, is a widely recognized anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) used for various clinical and non-clinical purposes, particularly in enhancing physical performance and body composition.

Anavar is manufactured by Hutech Labs, among other pharmaceutical companies. We recommend Hutech Labs’ Anavar because it guarantees high-quality Oxandrolone at a more affordable price compared to other sources.

Oxandrolone, sold under the brand name Anavar, is popular not only for its numerous clinical applications but also for its extensive use in the fitness industry. It is commonly prescribed to counteract protein catabolism caused by long-term corticosteroid therapy, promote weight gain, relieve bone pain associated with osteoporosis, support the development of girls with Turner syndrome, and aid recovery from severe burns, among other uses.

Additionally, Anavar is highly favored by female bodybuilders and is consistently listed as one of the top steroids for women. It is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced steroid users, suitable for both men and women, and effective in both cutting and bulking cycles.

Anavar’s oral administration is a significant advantage for many, as it can be taken easily without the need for injections. Its popularity is largely due to its effectiveness combined with a lower risk of severe side effects compared to other steroids.

How Does Anavar Work ?

Anavar, containing Oxandrolone, is utilized for numerous medical purposes. However, it is also widely used by bodybuilders and athletes for its muscle-building properties. Oxandrolone is more anabolic than androgenic, making it a preferred choice for women and those seeking milder steroid cycles.

With an anabolic rating of 322-630 and an androgenic rating of only 24, it is particularly suitable for female athletes, earning it the nickname "steroid for women." Despite this, many male bodybuilders also use it.

Oxandrolone works by binding to androgen receptors, stimulating protein synthesis, and promoting muscle growth, lean body mass, and increased bone mineral density. It is a derivative of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and has remained popular due to its favorable balance of benefits and reduced side effects.

How to Take Anavar ?

Anavar, as an orally active steroid, should be taken by mouth. It is commonly used in cutting cycles but is also effective in bulking cycles. Anavar helps burn fat, maintain lean muscle mass, and enhance overall body composition.

Anavar can be stacked with various other steroids such as Dianabol, Anadrol, Testosterone, or Deca, depending on the desired outcome.

Typical Anavar dosages for men range from 25 to 50 mg per day. Due to its short half-life of about 9 hours, many users split their daily dosage into 2 or more smaller doses. For women, the usual dosage ranges from 5 to 20 mg per day.

Given that Anavar is a C17-AA steroid, it is metabolized by the liver, so cycle lengths should be kept relatively short, typically around 6 to 8 weeks.

Combining Anavar with Winstrol is excellent for cutting, while pairing it with Testosterone Cypionate works well for bulking. A common regimen might include 50 mg of Anavar daily, 50 mg of Winstrol daily, or 400 mg of Testosterone weekly over a 6 to 8 week cycle.

Anavar Side Effects

Anavar is popular because it typically causes milder side effects compared to other steroids. However, side effects are still possible and should be managed with care.

Potential side effects of Oxandrolone include androgenic effects like acne, oily skin, hair loss, virilization in women, natural testosterone suppression, and liver toxicity. Notably, it does not cause estrogen-related side effects since it does not aromatize.

While side effects such as liver toxicity, testosterone suppression, and androgenic effects can occur, they are generally less severe and less likely than with other steroids.

Using Anavar responsibly, with proper supplements, a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced diet, can help mitigate adverse effects and ensure safer usage.

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