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Accutadyn Driada Medical [10mg x 100 tab]

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Buy Accutadyn 10 mg - Isotretinoin Driada Medical

Active Substance: Isotretinoin.

Brand: Driada Medical.

Product dose: 10 mg/1tab.

Pack: 100 tablets.

Product for sale for EU countries and UK ONLY !!!

Accutadyn from Driada Medical: Your Solution for Severe Acne

What is  Accutadyn ?

  • Purpose: Accutadyn is a potent skincare treatment designed specifically to combat severe acne. Ideal for individuals who haven't found success with other treatments, Accutadyn helps reduce the intensity of acne and promotes clearer, healthier skin.
  • Primary Use: This product is often prescribed to treat cystic acne, which is characterized by deep, inflamed lesions that can potentially scar if untreated.
  • Active Ingredient - Isotretinoin: Accutadyn contains isotretinoin, a highly effective retinoid derived from vitamin A. Isotretinoin significantly reduces the production of sebum, the oily substance produced by skin glands. It also promotes skin cell renewal and has anti-inflammatory properties, making Accutadyn a comprehensive solution for severe acne.

How Accutadyn Works

  • Action Mechanism: Accutadyn, powered by isotretinoin, works by decreasing the amount of oil produced by the skin's sebaceous glands, thus preventing the formation of new acne. Additionally, Accutadyn aids in faster skin regeneration, helping to clear existing acne.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: The isotretinoin in Accutadyn possesses anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the redness and swelling associated with severe acne.

Key Benefits of Accutadyn

  • Effective Acne Reduction: Accutadyn is known for its profound impact on clearing acne, offering noticeable improvements.
  • Scar Prevention: By effectively managing acne, Accutadyn helps in preventing the development of scars.
  • Tailored Skincare Plans: Accutadyn can be included in personalized skincare regimens to address specific skin issues effectively.

Administration and Dosage

Supervised by Doctors: The appropriate dosage of Accutadyn and treatment duration are typically determined by a healthcare provider, based on the severity of the acne and individual response.

Consistency Matters: Following the prescribed treatment plan for Accutadyn consistently is key to achieving the best results.

Possible Side Effects of Accutadyn

Common Side Effects: Users of Accutadyn may experience dry skin, lips, and eyes, as well as increased sensitivity to sunlight.

Serious Side Effects: Less common, but more severe side effects of Accutadyn include mood changes, vision problems, and severe abdominal pain. It is crucial to consult a healthcare provider if any unusual symptoms occur.

Important Precautions for Accutadyn Use

Regular Monitoring: Regular check-ups with a healthcare professional are recommended to monitor for side effects and adjust Accutadyn dosages as necessary.

Pregnancy Warning: Accutadyn, due to its active ingredient isotretinoin, is typically not advised for pregnant women or those planning to conceive, due to the risk of birth defects.

Buy Accutadyn Online

Accutadyn by Driada Medical can be conveniently purchased online at 1gearshop.com. This provides an easy and accessible way to obtain this effective treatment for severe acne.


Accutadyn by Driada Medical, containing the active ingredient isotretinoin, offers an effective solution for managing severe acne, providing significant improvements for those struggling with this condition. For safe and effective use, always consult healthcare professionals.

For detailed information and specific guidance, it's best to consult with a healthcare provider or review the official documentation from Driada Medical. To purchase Accutadyn online, visit 1gearshop.com.

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